Final thoughts

So that’s the story, and this is the last (scheduled) post for this blog. I may resurrect it sometime—perhaps if/when Tiny Toons Looniversity comes out, if I have any opinions I feel like sharing—but I’m glad to finally wrap this project up. I originally wanted all this to be completed for the 25th anniversary of “Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian,” but we blew past that, and then just past the 30th, so hey, it’ll all be here when the 35th comes around!

Also, a reminder that comments are open on all the posts, so feel free to ask questions or say hi wherever. (Though, if you ask a question that I’ve already answered in one of these posts, I reserve the right to just link you to that post to save time and energy.)

And if you want to see more about what I’m doing and writing these days, check out these links.


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